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Even though this is the first section of the map, it's always the one Kalliel does last... It's much harder to put your feelings of an anime character into print than one would think. It requires more brain cells than writing critical analysis on John Steinbeck, anyhow... So, Sango. She is what you automatically assume Takahashi created as the series' Xena (or second Ukyou, the okonomiyaki specialist in Takahashi's previous work, Ranma 1/2). She's the warrior princess who can save the world with only her small blonde sidekick (Xena's Kirara). Except for the episode where Xena was pregnant (with worms?) and the episode where people tried to crucify her, you rarely see Xena in times of depression or utter hopelessness. It's been almost universally agreed upon that Sango, while a more than proficient fighter, is also "on the edge" between the Here and Now and the torture of having memories of her slain comrades (which linger so near to the surface.)

So, sometimes, when she's alone (or with people, and no one has a conversation going, so they're walking in silence) Sango tends to lapse into these painful memories and be more introverted than usual.

Even when the Inuyasha-ikkou fist met Sango and invited her to join their team, she was more reluctant and distant than, say, Shippou or Miroku, who practically asked if they could come along. Kalliel thinks that even Inuyasha joined (or rather, was paired with) Kagome more willingly than our young taijiya. Sango could be considered the most pragmatic of the group, always thinking about what lies ahead and what they need to do when they get there. She could easily hold her own in a fight, or just surviving out in the wilderness. That said, she isn't a lone wolf either. When she was growing up in her village, it appeared to be a very 'team-spirit' kind of place, and thus she became very attached to those she worked and trained with.

To Kalliel, Sango is the one who is most likely to have enough restraint to not charge mindlessly into battle, and the one who is not so careful so as to be of no use. She has the fire and determination, the training, and the battle smarts to be a human than even Inuyasha considered an asset right off the bat. She also has the intellect and personality to be a good person to have a conversation with, and someone you know you could count on; fighting enemies, being a shoulder to cry on, or otherwise.

*Kalliel is not saying that Xena isn't a good character or is cliche or anything. Xena started the warrior princess title. She is merely saying that Sango isn't your average warrior princess stereotype.

Second Opinion-- Angie: Sango's personality is different from that of any other character of Inuyasha. While in battle she is an appropriately powerful girl, she can sometimes be a different person when she's not fighting. Her compassionate attitude is shown throughout the series and really makes you admire her, or at least it makes me. She somehow pulls off a serious and kick ass attitude when battling youkai, yet sweet and comforting personality when she's not busy. Besides the fact that's she's just really heart warming, Sango also has the heart of a true warrior. She is determined to stop Naraku and avenge the ones she lost, no matter what the cost. Her extreme courage is enough to carry her over any obstacle, and she is always prepared to stand up for what she believes in. Her depression is brought on by the fact that she may never reach her goal, and that her brother may never be freed from Naraku's clutches... But she always has inspiration, and through all the chaos that has clouded her heart, she still remains strong and won't give in to anything.


Kalliel's view of Sango (and all other characters) may be slightly warped, a common side effect of reading all too many fanworks...

If in a disadvantageous position in a fight... Sango isn't an idiot; she'd recognize this and adjust her battle style from all-out offensive to protection. One thing Kalliel has noticed, though, is that in the game of love, opposites to attract. If the person is too much like the person you want to get them 'together' with, it doesn't work because their personalities clash. This is why Kalliel does not believe in Sango and Inuyasha as a workable pairing. Both of them are too stubborn and set in their ways to form a romantic relationship. Because of this 'affliction,' Sango would also not surrender or run away, even if she knew the fight put her on the lower end. She is a demon slayer--as a human, she is usually always on the side without advantage. But if she saw a way to avoid the fight or get away with less injuries than she would by staying in the fray, she would probably opt for that option. She won't throw away her life unnecessarily. She has too many things she still wants to do--aid Kagome and the rest of her friends, avenge her village by defeating Naraku, try to find a way to be together with her brother, Kohaku, again...

If confronted with Kohaku... Ah, yes. Sango's love for her brother is amazingly strong. Kalliel thinks that the strength of it sometimes scares even Sango herself--in a chapter of the manga, Naraku invents a trap that catches each of Inuyasha and Co. in a spell where they have to experience their deepest fears. In Sango's, she is placed in a situation where she protected Kohaku from her friends, and he turned around to obey Naraku's orders and killed them. Though Kalliel is doubtful in Kohaku's ability to fend off ALL of the Inuyasha-ikkou at once, she will merely assume that Takahashi portrayed Sango's fear in a simple way that did not introduce any highly confusing nefarious plans: Sango is afraid that by keeping the affection she has for her brother, she will end up betraying her newfound allies in the process. So, when she sees Kohaku under Naraku's control, or is reminded of the more innocent times when she could still wake up every morning and smile at her family, mixed emotions well up. Pain at remembering what can never be, fear that she will forget er old life for this new one with Inuyasha and Co. and vice versa (killing her friends to save her brother), and loneliness. Sure, she has Kagome and Miroku, Shippou, Inuyasha and Kirara, but she barely knows them, compared to the intimacy she shared with her fellow villagers and family.

Word Bank

This section is a severe case of "Kalliel was having too much fun"... Feel free to disregard her word choice. Tense changes when Kalliel gives up on conformity.

blush, worried smile, wept, tighten, yelp, stretch, maneuvered, steady, windswept, breath, heave, slap, burning, clench, call


Kirara is an Automobile: So this isn't Sango. But Kirara can be considered an extension of Sango, since whenever Sango is somewhere, chances are Kirara is lurking about somewhere too. But that doesn't mean she's not a character. Sure, Kalliel wouldn't write a map of Kirara, but that's mainly because, inept as she is at main characters, she couldn't write about Kirara in any form of accurate way anyhow. The ony thing she does notice in fan fiction though, is that authors tend to think of Kirara as only transportation. Sango calls on her, and Kirara turns big and carries people. I think that's a sad way to think of Kirara--she's almost the only tangible thing left that Sango still has from her childhood in the taijiya village. She and Kirara are companions, as well as battle partners, and the real Sango treats Kirara better than just some bicycle. Kirara is a friend, not a bus!

Sango is a Tomboy: Just because Sango is a trained fighter and slays things for a living doesn't mean she doesn't embrace women's duties to society. (Oh, was that sexist? Sue me.) Sango can cook, wash, and heal as well as fight. Kalliel doubts that no one taught Sango how to wash millet or treat a cut. In fact, she's probably the most apt at cooking sengoku jidai-style than anyone else in their group. Miroku is supposed to live off others' kindness (food is a material possession), Shippou is only a child, Inuyasha probably doesn't cook or disinfect before eating anything anyhow, and juding from all the instant foods that Kagome brings from her time, she isn't as confident in her abilities to cook without stove as Sango would be. On a similar note, whether Sango is a "big, tough demon slayer" or not, Sango probably would rather wash herself when she had the chance than pass up an uncommon oppurtunity like that, and she would rather be pretty than look like something the cat ragged in. So, Sango can be excited when she gets to wear something she usually can't or when someone says her cooking is good. After all, she should have been in training to be a good wife at sixteen anyhow--compliments on her womanliness or as her battle skills are equally welcome.

Hiraikotsu is Sango's Only Form of Defense: It seems every time, Kalliel finds something to say about weapon over-use, no? If Hiraikotsu is taken away from Sango, yes, that can be considered a disadvantage. But Sango isn't 'out of the fight' if she's just missing her weapon. As a taijiya, she's a lot tougher than that and she has other means of attack. Remember all those youkai poisons and her hidden arm blades? Not to mention the wakizashi that is always at her side--it mayt not be her weapon of choice, but you can bet she is comptent enough in sword arts that she can defend herself with that when needed. So, if someone writes a fic in which the Hiraikotsu is unusable or out of reach, please don't have Sango just stand there, running for her life as she becomes a cheering squad. Sango being Sango, she's going to keep fighting alongside her companions in any way she can.

In truth, Sango is Kalliel's favourite character in Inuyasha. Mostly because she's cute when she smiles, beautiful when she's sad, and determined to a fault to complete her tasks. Besides, Inuyasha likes her--she's a good battle partner, a caring friend, and an amazing individual on her own.

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