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KaedeKaede - that ever-lovable priestess lent over to parody. For me, anyhow. Kaede is Kikyou's sister, so that automatically gives her some props, in most people's eyes. Think about it - if Kaede were just some random, eccentric old maid, would you give her a second glance? No.

Mainly, she takes care of the other characters, and in the anime has been caught giving love advice - a curious thing, really, since she's never been in love (at least that we know of). She is the unofficial leader of her village, and the villagers come to her with problems, or illnesses.

She lives alone, but is constantly being visited by people requesting her assistance. This is probably what's kept her alive so long - the feeling that she is useful to other people. She wasn't able to help Kikyou the day she died, so she can redeem herself by helping others.

Kaede is Kikyou's younger sister, and also has her sister's miko powers, though it seems not to the same extent. I mean, Kikyou is the one who snagged Inuyasha, helped Onigumo when he fell off a cliff, and fell off a cliff multiple times herself (in later manga). Now, if that isn't a fantastic display of her "spiritual powers," I don't know what is.

Kaede has a calm influence on everyone. Often people go to her for advice... which is better illustrated in the [stupid unimaginitive] "filler" episodes of the anime. *coughshippoucough* She offers wise, if impractical, counsel in the face of adversary ("Ye must go forth and put all the jewel shards back together, battling the hunreds, if not thousands, of evil youkai who are probably hoarding it for themselves").

Kaede is one of the few characters to have a steady, calm personality. The most excitement she'll show is a large, gaping-open mouth. (Ye must be kidding!) Which stretches her wrinkles rather unattractively.

Kaede keeps her thoughts to herself a lot. Either that, or she just doesn't have anything interesting to say. Or maybe she just doesn't have anyone to tell it too, because she's a loner with no friends. But when she does talk, she doesn't make idle conversation. No discussing the weather for her; everything she says has a direct purpose.

Her primary purpose in Inuyasha is rather shallow, I think. The only thing she's useful for is her half-baked advice and her lore of herbs. All day long she gives, gives, gives, but what does she get in return? What are her motives? You have to wonder why Ms. Takahashi created the character. She's like an "eternal out" - have problems, go to Kaede. She solves everything!

One part of her personality that is intriguing is her relationship to her sister, Kikyou. When Kikyou was alive, Kaede followed her like a puppy. Later, Kikyou died and then came back to life as a clay pot. Kaede loves her sister still, but is wary of her, and often doesn't trust her. She knows that Kikyou should not be living; however, she's torn by her obligations to family.

In the English anime (which I do not recommend you base opinions on), Kaede also speaks with a discernable dialect, which Kikyou does not possess. But the rest of the village does. This "discernable dialect" consists mostly of "ye," ("Why are ye in Inuyasha's forest") "thee," "that child," and "nor" (as in this nor that). It sounds... weird. But definitely very funny.

Shinto is what Kikyou and Kaede practice. Their trademark clothing and hairstyle is not the only thing devout Shinto followers share. Shinto is the art of believing in gods, or spirits called kami. It is believed that everything, from the antagonistic youkai, to the trickle of water from a spout, is governed by a kami. [Paragraph stolen from Kalliel's Introduction to Inuyasha]

Second Opinion - Heavier than Heaven Kaede had her only living family taken away from her at very young age, and the prospect of having her alive again is both unsettling and exciting to her. While part of her knows that Kikyou has become an "enemy" she can't help but answer Kikyou's demanding questions about Kagome and the jewel. She becomes that little girl whenever her older sister is around, even though she has become the older, wiser woman, she still shrinks away in the presense of her all powerful sister.


If hurt or upset emotionally: Emotionally, Kaede is not distressed a lot. If she's concerned, she'll tell you. Otherwise, she'll keep her thoughts to herself, thank you very much.

If overjoyed: Kaede isn't overjoyed a lot either. The most she'd say is "Wonderful, good job" or something to that effect. Then she'll tell you about how the next stage of operation involves diving into a black hole and being partially gutted by a moose.

Word Bank

Many different part of speech here; ye be warned.

Shuffled, grumbled, ye, thee, thy, wrinkled, muttered, wise, pragmatic, spritely, flinch, wince, nod, duty


Healing: Hurt? GO TO KAEDE'S HUT OMG!!!! I mentioned before that Kaede is a sort of eternal-out, but that doesn't mean that she can cure everything. Particularly in fanfiction, Kaede's house is usually only fifteen minutes away at all times - never mind the fact that the Inu-tachi were in a resort in Baja. Anyway, in the Tsubaki arc (in the anime) Kagome recieves a bite on the leg from Tsubaki's serpent, and Kaede can do nothing but make Kagome comfortable. Please remember that this was a long time ago, and so were the medicinal techniques.

Kaede, despite her faults, is one of my favorite characters anyway, just because "she's cool" and she's old.