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Inuyasha... At first glance, most people would see a sharp-tongued, sword weilding badass. And depending on what your view is, that may or may not be a good thing. Kalliel thinks that perhaps that is how Inuyasha thinks he wants the world to see him as; that he's not weak and that if people want to stay alive, they should get out of his way and not bother him. But in reality, Inuyasha has goals that he doesn't think he has. If someone were to ask him, "What do you want?" He would probably say, "To beat the hell outta Naraku!" or "To become full demon!" (though one must question whether or not he actually wants this anymore, now that he has experienced the wild-full-demon side of him.) Inuyasha seems like the type of person who keeps all sorts of things away from the general public, prefering to have them just think he's a heartless jerk than someone who wants friends that accept him. In this way, Kagome knows more about his character than he does. Hopefully, as the series progresses, he will come to realize this, and no one will use the shikon no tama at all--after all, isn't wishing to be something you are not a selfish wish? Regardless of whether it's a half demon wishing to be human or a half-demon wishing to be full-demon, it's still a wish to change who he is. Doing things for yourself, noble cause or not, is a selfish cause.

* For those of you not familiar with the legend of the shikon no tama, it is said that it can grant anyone's wishes. However, there are also rumors that those who posess it fall victim to immense tragedy.

In that way, any wish one can think of could be considered selfish, if it benefits you in any way. "I wish Kikyou could return to death" is selfish if Kagome wishes that, because even if Kikyou too wishes for that, it's beneficial for Kagome as well. "I wish the shikon no tama never existed" is selfish as well, since said jewel is usually a curse to those who posesses it. But, Kalliel has finally realized that she's rambling again, and branching off onto topics that don't relate to Inuyasha directly. Before things get to out of hand, she will close with saying that she thinks that overall, Inuyasha is a wonderful character, if given his chance to truly shine. Kalliel belives that Takahashi uses a lot of implications to get the point across. It makes the message seem less important if you can write it out like "I love you." If you can display affection without writing it out to anyone, that makes it seem that much more real.

Second Opinion-- Starry-Oblivion: "Inuyasha himself is well-meaning, but horribly misguided. Sometimes I really want to smack some sense into him, and I'm glad that Kagome does it for me. I'm all for the Inuyasha/Kagome pairing, since that is what appears to be where Takahashi is going with this and I'm all for canon writing. However, I do acknowledge Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyou. Since I have yet to determine whether he loves Kagome or Kikyou more, I am not at all adverse to Inuyasha/Kikyou pairings."

Third Opinion-- Kevin: The quintesential anime hero is Inuyasha. He is not necessarily the best or the bravest of the strongest or the cutest, but he exemplifies the character of an anime hero in its purest form. That is, he is the most "anime hero-ish" of all the anime heros. He is supernatural, yet basically human. He is not unambiguously good, but clearly not evil. He is prone to outbursts of rage over insults. Edward Elric is a great character, but he is merely a human with special skills. Ash Ketchum is just a little boy. Sesshomaru has no emotional range. And Yugi-Oh has weird hair.


Kalliel's view of Inuyasha (and all other characters) may be slightly warped, a common side effect of reading all too many fanworks...

If being toyed with... If someone who was branded "enemy" was doing the toying, Inuyasha would not take kindly to this, and usually just keep hack-slashing or doing whatever he was doing anyway. If you're annoyed during a fight, you probably aren't going to calm down and think of a decent battle strategy. So, Inuyasha would probably just act somewhere along the lines of, "Oh, fuck off and get to the point. Let's fight and don't you dare treat me as inferior, because I'm going to slash your head off until you stay dead!" Note: That isn't dialogue. Inuyasha would rarely say so much in one line of dialogue during a fight and to his enemy. If you're enemies with someone, the general opinion is, "I hate this guy's guts. Why would I chat over a cup of tea with him?" Also, if it's really a fight against your arch-nemesis, then you're usually too know...fighting to be bothered with thoughtful and eloquent dialogue. It's body language that should be speaking during battle, not the tongue.

However, if Inuyasha was being toyed with by, say, Miroku, just as casual banter, then Inuyasha would forcefully deny any thing Miroku said, whether he knew it was true or not. Then, the chances of him either going off on his own or walking in front of the group as opposed to beside his companions would be pretty high. Maybe an empty death threat or a set of his own comments... Incidentally, Miroku would probably ignore these and keep pestering Inuyasha, or turn Inuyasha's insults back at the poor hanyou--who is not as apt at playful words as said monk.

If genuinely happy... Frankly, Inuyasha would probably act as sullen as ever, regardless of whether he was happy or not. It's not in his nature to display more than one attitude if he can help it. However, there are select times--most of which are spent exclusively with Kagome, but also a few with Kikyou--where he opens up more. When Inuyasha is with Kagome, alone, Kalliel thinks that he feels that he can let down some of the barriers he unconsiously maintains between himself and those around him. Displaying shy gestures of affection or divulging more personal feelings to Kagome can be considered a sign that he is 'happy'. This does not mean that he's going to tell Kagome everything, ever say, "I love you" out loud, or be cuddly-wuggly. Aino's fics, Ghosts in the Snow and Smoke in Their Eyes are both fairly accurate examples of what Kalliel imagines Kagome and Inuyasha's fluffiest post-series moments to be. And post-series only, mind you.

*Please note that both fics are rated for sexual content and are unsuitable for young viewers. Is this warning is too late and you hastily clicked on the links without reading the rest of Inuyasha's wonderful map, then ye be warn'd for future slips.

Word Bank

This section is a severe case of "Kalliel was having too much fun"... Feel free to disregard her word choice. Italicized text represents words slipped in that she has seen in other fan fiction and don't quite cut it, in her opinion. Not unless the fic is humour or parody, which they weren't. Tense changes when Kalliel gives up on conformity.

prowl, growl, snap, leer, angsted (word not for use in actual writing), leap, arc, stride, huff, guffaw, flinch, groan, gasp, tip-toed, slash, swept, lingered, staggered, muttered, struggled, prance


SIT! or OSUWARI!: In almost every standard (standard meaning that Kalliel had to read it, but didn't want to read it) fanfiction, Kagome 'sits' Inuyasha constantly, or multiple times in a row. Kagome usually uses 'sit' when she needs to keep him in one place (to avoid further injury or stop the beginning of a petty fight) or when she's extremely ticked off. She does not use this power excessively, or 'when she feels like it.' Kalliel thinks that Kagome realizes that overuse could be considered breach of trust, like keeping him tied too close to her. Kagome would like to think that she and Inuyasha are equal--she is not the master, nor the subordinate.

Kagome vs. Kikyou: This arguement is passe. "Who should I choose? Kagome or Kikyou?" It's becoming stupid. Kagome knows that Inuyasha still has a place for Kikyou, but she also knows that this place is a remnant of a memory, and that she can no longer be an active object of desire. Kikyou knows this too. She tries to distance herself from Inuyasha, and act like Sesshoumaru, but she fails at that dreadfully, and sometimes, she just can't keep herself. She loved Inuyasha. She was denied that. If she really wanted to take Kagome's place (and believed that was possible at all) she would be traveling with Inuyasha and Co., right? Kagome has the right to be jealous, but she can hardly act on this, because she knows the reason behind Inuyahsa's actions. Of course, no one said that she wasn't allowed to be upset if he unintentionally shoves the fact in her face...

Tetsusaiga/Tessaiga: Kalliel dislikes Tetsusaiga--it's her least favourite character, actually. Inuyasha relies too heavily on that sword--like he's useless without it. Albeit being an advantage in some situations, you can't say that its accuracy or draw speed is advantageous. Sometime claws are the more efficient answer. Rumiko Takahashi (especially now, in the later chapters--400+) also overuses the sword, though. Kalliel would just like to see a fan fic in which Inuyasha resorts to means other than swordplay. As some may know, his skills aren't exactly what you'd call 'honed.' They seem more feral than anything, and his fighting style relies heavily on either dodging or being able to take the hit as opposed to countering or strategizing. So sometimes, it may be a good idea to ditch the Tetsusaiga and go back to basics--claws, sankon tessou, hijin kessou, the like. Or for the more VIZ-friendly, Claws of Steel, Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, and Blades/Claws of Blood. The latter are unadvised, incidentally, and are more likely to get you permanently shunned by the Inuyasha purists.

That said, Kalliel still thinks of Inuyasha as one of her favorite characters, despite sometimes acting more idiotic than need be. That does not mean he's stupid, though. Not at all. Inuyasha is intelligent; not well versed the same fields as his companions, but face it: If you were trapped in the middle of a youkai-ridden forest, would you rather be paired with Kagome, the "caring, book-smart" one, or him?

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