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Maps? Yes, indeed. Why not bios? Because, rather than listing what each character's life story is (and giving away possible plot twists and/or repeating the same old boring information) the LoP staff decided to go along with Kalliel's 'brilliant' idea--maps. These are basically bits of information on the characters'...character. Instead of knowing what they've done, it's more useful for fanfic writers and the average fan (who wishes to learn more about how a certain character thinks) to know what they would do.

So, Kalliel (and Fanta!) has attmempted to put together some insight on each character's personality and predictable actions. They may not be entirely accurate, but Kalliel really has tried her best. Please remember that some info is subjective but (hopefully) never biased. If you are unsatsfied, have a question or have a better version of a map, please contact Kalliel at kalliel511 @ aol . com .

As an additional note, most of the information is based on the characters' place in the middle of the series--very few people write fanfic about the 'beginning,' and those who do are either a lost cause or smart enough to handle themselves without this guide. As for the end? since Inuyasha hasn't ended yet, those who write at 'the end' know they are in unmarked territory, and have the artistic license to press boundaries--within reason.

Choose a Map?

Set I: Kaede, Inuyasha, Sango

Format is as follows:


This will be Kalliel's view of the character. What she thinks of them, what they do... An overview of their personality.

Second Opinion: This will be an addition few paragraphs by someone other than Kalliel and what they think of the character, or what they think Kalliel forgot, misinterpreted, or just got outright wrong (oh no!).


Various scenarios and what Kalliel thinks the character would do or say in them. Default number of scenarios: two. Will be updated to include more in the [very, very far] future.

  • EX. If in extreme physical pain...
  • If hurt or upset emotionally...
  • If annoyed...
  • If genuinely happy...

Word Bank

Words used as description for this character--kinda funny, actually. But these are, as it already says, words that fanfic writers can use if they feel like they need a word besides "said" or "walked" and the only thing they can think of is "exclaimed" or "crawled" and whatnot.


For every anime, every character, every object in the universe, there are always common misinterpretations/stereotypes or things that endure extreme overkill. Like people thinking that the world is flat (really, it is!) or that every fire engine-truck-van-vehicle is red, which they're not--I'm totally serious this time. The County of Marin has yellow-green ones. Or that the Hubble Space Telescope is useless. Just because Sean O'Keefe cancelled the fourth service mission--ah. That's a story to be saved for a different time.

Obviously, the real maps are going to be more in depth and not as hideously stupid. Or one would hope.

Last Updated: November 11, 2005

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