• Case Files - Coming Soon!
    Read the criminal records of the Inuyasha characters. Everyone of them vindictive shady-types has something to be ashamed of! And if you use their profile (appearance, profession, etc.) to help track these foul vermin down, the world will be a more pleasant place!
  • Fan fiction
    Good ole fan fiction. Drama, romance, action! ...Take two. Please be aware that fan fiction are completely unedited--all grammar, non-canon or characterization errors are as copyrighted to the author as the actual story is.
  • Character Maps
    In the realm of Inuyasha fan fiction lurks the incredibly strong force of the... badfic. In order to help avoid out-of-characterness, Kalliel and Fanta have put together some informative analysis on the personalities of Inuyasha characters: general analysis, common stereotypes, descriptive/action words to use, and how said character would react in different situations.
  • Introduction to Inuyasha
    What's this series all about? Where did it come from? When does it take place? Does it draw from its location and era significantly? A bief analysis on the introductory episodes/chapters of Inuyasha.