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Inuyasha is Rumiko Takahashi and anyone else legally affiliated with it. We do not claim to own Inuyasha, so... so take that! No coyright infringement intended, of course.

Legend of Pickles does not claim responsibilty over any external links, including but not limited to: our Classified Ads, affiliates, and credits.

This site's content (i.e. character bios, fan fiction, fan art) is 2005 Kalliel and Fanta unless otherwise stated. For example, the fan fiction and fan art are their original artists/authors, whose names are provided.

Official anime/manga images are not ours either, so they are not to us. They are the property of Rumiko Takahashi and any legal affiliates (i.e. Viz).

Terms Policy

Certain content is ours, buddy (as stated in the disclaimer), so no way ya'gonna do anyo'dis copy n' pastin' onto ya site. (Certain content is ours, so you cannot just copy and paste it onto your own site.) Write/draw (in the case of fanart) your own stuff. Okay?

Fan fiction and fan art are not to be taken without the artist's permission.

Just as you may not steal certain content, this site's layout may not be taken, either. Now, we don't own HTML, so if you want to take bits and pieces of the HTML/CSS coding, go ahead; just not the entire thing, please. But actually, if you want to rip someone's coding, you should probably rip from someone who knows what they're doing (meaning, a "geek site"). Yep, that's a good idea.

But we digress. Any anime/manga images are not ours to begin with (see above), and so if you want to take them, refer to the credits page to see where we get our images from. However, in the case of scans from the manga, we did scan in each and every picture, so there are no external credits and you may use those images without crediting us.

You may also use our animations. However, these do require credits.

You may not direct link anything from this site. If you are unsure as to what direct linking is, visit this site.