Life History

Page written by Fanta

The Legend

The Beginning

Legend of Pickles began on Septemer 11, 2004. It is titled as such because there was a small panel in volume one of Inuyasha that depicted Kagome's grandfather talking about the 'legend of pickles' over dinner. Kalliel thought is was hilarious for some reason, and the name stuck. So much for inpirational name hunting. The only thing that remains from the original LoP is the legend of pickles:

There is actually a true Legend of Pickles! Gramps wasn't just being senile as usual. Funny, eh? Read on! Pickles are a form of preserved food, created through fermentation, which are found in cultures throughout the world. Japanese pickles were said to have originated from the Kayatsu Shrine in Aichi Prefecture, a shrine dedicated to the patron god of pickling. Separate offerings of vegetables and salt were inadvertently placed in the same container, resulting by pure chance in the creation of the first Japanese pickles. An ancient hero from Japanese mythology, Yamatotakeru-no-Mikoto ate these vegetables.

The observant visitor notes that this isn't the sort of thing you learn in World History. There should be a bibliography. But, being the unknowing, freshly-minted newbies that we were, we did not know to include one.

Although technically, this was the first thing on the page, Legend of Pickles actually began much earlier: in fifth grade, where, in computer class, Kalliel learned basic HTML. (Her site was a whole two pages!) She learned to hyperlink, to bold, to italicize.

The next year, Kalliel was in sixth grade, and Fanta was in fifth grade. She also learned HTML, and recalls making a website about giraffes. (No, there was no bibliography for that page, either.) So here they are: two aspiring elementary school kids with a shaky knowledge of HTML. What happens next?

Well, nothing. For about a year and a half, they learned other things in computer class, such as patterns in AppleWorks Paint, and slowly, very slowly, let all knowledge of this foreign phenomenon seep out of their minds.

...Or not, as Kalliel discovered a few months later. She opened up SimpleText on her computer, and decided to test her knowledge of HTML. She originally created a site called Miss Sabrina's Psychic Hotline, but it was never published. Eventually, though, the site morphed from a Pokemon fansite to one including Golden Sun (video game) Tenchi Muyo, Inuyasha, and Ranma 1/2. She asked Fanta and Zora (who is Fanta's older sister) to help, and they agreed.

Kalliel finished the framework for Legend of Pickles--which had, by this time, become Inuyasha-pure--and sent it in a .zip file to Fanta and Zora's dad, who owns He created the subdomain 'tripping' for them, a name chosen from a long list compiled by Kalliel and Zora in Spanish class.

Fanta remembers the site having a bright green background, a gaudy splash page, and a counter sponsored by something called 'Dog Ramps.'

Kalliel and Zora were, apparently, the main webmistresses. Zora was supposedly in charge of the fan fiction section (though she never did anything for it), and Kalliel was in charge of everything else. Fanta was a "minor character." Everyone chose a two names--Kalliel was Kalliel Inuyaksa (sic), Zora was Ayame-Sesshoumaru, and Fanta was HojoYura. Never mind the inconsistent spacing...

And then, one day, Fanta decided that she didn't like Times New Roman, the font that the site was in, and changed everything to Verdana, size 10. She made a lovely Updates header and adopted the fanfiction section as her own. It was a wonderful moment, when she made her grand entrance. Around this time, Zora became obsolete.

The Buildup

The site grew, and as it did, many images and files found their way into the subdirectory, 'tripping'... so many that Kalliel and Fanta devised The Grand Plot: subfolders.

So, they created a few folders--'images', 'interactive', and 'site'. (There was no Inuyasha section.) They deleted those superflous files, and created a whole new layout. Fanta had recently glanced over her father's website's stylesheet, and decided that they sounded very fine indeed. The layout was one huge image: a screencap of Buuyo, the cat, on top, hastily drawn Navigation bars on the sides, and a box for content beneath the image. Also, the layout was too big for an 800x600 resolution.

Time went on, and the organization of the site did not improve drastically. Kalliel and Fanta were frustrated. Not just with the organization, but with the whole site. It was time for the First Big Revamp.

Fanta's memories of this are a bit hazy, but she recalls making another layout--purple, featuring Buuyo again--, Kalliel disliking it to the extent that she put the whole site on hiatus, and a bigger, better Legend of Pickles magically appearing in its place. The navigation items thought up by Kalliel sounded rather interesting to Fanta... none of them noticed that their site still didn't have an Inuyasha section, however. The layout, made by Kalliel, was a big step up from the flailing Buuyo ones.

To look professional, Kalliel and Fanta made up two staff members, and when they tired of them, made up some crap about moving away.

The Top of the Heap

The site plumped up, and underwent several layout changes, and gained a few affiliates. Then, the duo unwittingly applied for a review at Captious Pedants, and were flogged within an inch of their bandwidth, so to speak.

After that, they picked up the pace: the Second Big Revamp. Under this declaration, they gained an Inuyasha section, and a new layout, as well as some rewritten content.

They were still not happy, and the pace of their updates tapered off to once a month. To complicate the situation, Fanta (and eventually Kalliel) tired of Inuyasha, because it was so darn long, and began to get into FullMetal Alchemist.

...And so, they secretly began a new site. They vowed that this one would be better; the content, higher-quality; and everything Captious Pedants-worthy.

This is the new site. Who knows what will happen? Only time will tell...

*At this moment in time, Kalliel is fourteen years old and Fanta is thirteen. They have been involved in the Inuyasha fandom since seventh and sixth grades, respectivelly.