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...None. Image was drawn by Kalliel, however.


  • Anime Visions - This is a good place for anime and manga images! They have many differnt series[es?] besides Inuyasha; check it out!
  • Anime Project Alliance - This is a bit like Anime Visions in that it has many different series[es]; they're mainly scans, and oh-boy, the images are huge!
  • Dearest - A Japanese fansite dedicated to showing off the artistic talents of Kalliel's favorite fan artist, Ami-chan. Site in Japanese
  • Ear-Tweak - Ah, the wonderful Ear Tweak, with so many dang scans and screencaps. Definitely worth a visit.
  • Inu-Yasha Moon - This place is great! Hundreds of screencaps and scans, free for your use.
  • Random Galleries - Random Galleries, as the name proclaims, features different series[es] that change every month or so. Great place for calendar scans!


  • Appasionato - Rilla offers very helpful PHP tutorials, which are easy to understand and useful.
  • DayDreamGraphics - Just... ditto.
  • Painted Wings - A great place for scripts and tutorials, including Javascript ones, which are always fun...
  • Tutorialized - Tutorialized has a wide range of useful tutorials for almost anything you can imagine.
  • Twirp - Thanks for the "Unique Hit Counter" tutorial! This is a great one for those who are scared by OkCounter.