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    When this site was made, the suckiness it endured, and all its 'revamps'. Also known as the History of Pickles, 'pickles' meaning mistake in this sense. Also contains what the Legend of Pickles is and why our site is called such.
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    Read a smidgen about Kalliel and Fanta. I have no idea why you would want to, but please do. What other fandoms do we participate in? What do we think of Inuyasha?
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    Drop a message in Kalliel and Fanta's inbox. We don't bite--promise. We even enjoy flames. Why? Because it puts mail in our inbox. Yes, it's incredibly low. Shut up.
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    Images, brushes, programs... what has made this site work [now, then, and long ago]. Please note that some of these sites are 'inspiration' credits, so we didn't actually use anything material from them.
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