Tournament Icebreaker

Various Anime Foul Language

Page Written by Kalliel

Announcer: And now, what do our wonderful contestants have to say about their opponents?

Inuyasha vs. Goku

Inuyasha: *looks at name* Who the hell is this guy?

Goku: Where's the food bar? *ignores Inuyasha*

Sailor Moon vs. Misty

Sailor Moon: *laughs maniacally* I got a free trip to Pickleland! *oblivious to fine print about tournament*

Misty: *glances uneasily at Sailor Moon* ... Hi?

Ranma vs. Kyou

Ranma: HA HA HA! This'll be the easiest battle ever!

Kyou: What the fuck did you say? *steams*

Ash vs. Kagura

Ash: *gapes* What are you?

Kagura: [thinking] Why do I have to get the strange ones?

Miroku vs. Kaoru

Miroku: Will you bear my child?

Kaoru: *flustered* U-um, aren't we supposed to be beating each other up later?

Yugioh vs. Li

Yugioh: Where are your duel monster cards? *looks at Li skeptically* I bet mine are better! I have Dark Magician Girl!

Li: *gets out Lasin Board, confused* Do you mean the Clow Cards?

Ryouga vs. Edward Elric

Ryouga: Where am I?

Ed: Who are you, more like.

Naraku vs. Alphonse Elric (brother to above Elric)

Naraku: Kukuku... *listens to Linkin Park* You become a part of me... *laughs* This song suits me.

Al: Brother? My opponent is scaring me...

Kikyou vs. Link

Kikyou: ... *stares blankly at Link*

Link: ... *stares back*

Shippou vs. Lust

Shippou: *cries* I'm too young to die!

Lust: So was I, kid. *scares Shippou further*

Sango vs. Aoshi

Sango: Who are you?

Aoshi:That is not of your concern. *walks away to haunt someone he actually knows the name of*

Kouga vs. Sakura

Kouga: Hey, you're just a kid! *glares at announcer*

Sakura: And you're just a--erm...person with a skirt.

Kenshin vs. Kurama

Kenshin: I'm sure we can avoid this fight and settle our dispute peacefully... Oro?

Kurama: No way! I'm going to win...of course.

Sesshomaru vs. Tohru

Sesshomaru: Why am I even here? *walks away*

Tohru: W-wait! I just got here and--*Sesshoumaru keeps walking* Are you having fun? Oh, I think I made him mad...

Envy vs. Kagome

Envy: Meh. *goes to Ed*

Kagome: Wait, if we're not hunting down Naraku, then why aren't I in my world?

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