IY Knowledge

Kikyou is best described as:
b. goth
c. someone who should probably be dead
d. an @ss kicking version of Kagome

Kagome found Inuyasha pinned to a tree in the beginning of the series because:
a. Kikyou pinned him there to keep him from stealing the Shikon no tama
b. Naraku sealed Inuyasha to a tree so he could have the Shikon no tama for himself
c. She was playing Pin-the-Dog-Youkai-on-the-Tree with Souta.
d. She wished at a well that she would be able to see a youkai up close.

Kagura and Naraku share:
a. the same mother
b. the spider scar on their backs
c. their hatred for Kikyou and Inuyasha
d. their toys

Which of these is NOT true of Kirara?
a. In the anime, she is as old as Midoriko, but in the manga she is still quite young.
b. Her name is actually Kilala; the Japanese just couldn't pronounce it right.
c. She is commonly referred to as a mere transportation device in fanfiction.
d. She and Sango lived in the same village seven years ago.

Inuyasha takes on the appearance of a human during ________ because ______.
a. The full moon; he was bit by a rabid human
b. The new moon; his father and mother were of different gender (I hope so.) and race.
c. The new moon; he is really an incarnation of Naraku from fifty years ago; the real Inuyasha died that day.
d. The full moon; he is a hanyou (half-youkai)

Sesshoumaru and Kagura:
a. ran away from Naraku after Kagura got her 'heart' back.
b. are vaguely amused/interested by each other
c. are both FEMALE.
d. want to kill Inuyasha more than they want to kill Naraku.

The day that Kagome and Inuyasha tried (once again) to never see each other again, Kagome was:
a. wearing a sweater and skirt
b. crying with her mother
c. shamelessly wishing Kikyou was dead.
d. protecting Inuyasha from Jusenkyou.

Later in the series, Inuyasha promised both Sango and Kagura that:
a. he would bear their children
b. he would get back something they lost
c. he would kill Naraku for them
d. he would not abandon Kagome and join Kikyou in hell.

Kirara is a:
a. cat demon
b. nekomata
c. bicycle
d. kitsune

20. Kohaku cannot share the life he has with Sango because:
a. he dies soon after he regains his memories.
b. he has pledged allegiance to Moryoumaru and Naraku.
c. he thinks it is too improper and morally damaging.
d. his past is unknown to him.