• Debate Room
    Do you have a rant/rave/debate you wish to voice? Come here for tag board madness. Feel free to argue with, plague, torment, or disturb other visitors. Please do not attack, stalk, or molest.
  • Mad Libs
    Fill in the blanks to create your own funky story... One day, Inuyasha was trotting down the lane when Kaede came up and asked him to mail her sister a package of Ritz Bitz. Can you guess which parts of that were mad-libbed?
  • Quizzes
    Currently one quiz, but whatever. How much do you know about Inuyasha? And who wuld you be if you lived in Inuyasha's sengoku jidai?
  • Tournament
    Here, welcome various anime characters into the arena, in toils of death, mayhem, laughter, and angst! Also known as fandom-happy brawling. Vote for the outcome of each battle and watch as one anime character rises to the top--to bask in eternal glory.