• Animations
    Fanta's version of really crappy fan art. However, Kalliel has tried her hand at animations as well, and the archive is open to submissions from viewers like you. [Want a humourous animated avatar? Check out Kalliel. Want a funny splsh image? And do you want novice-level Flash MX? Visit Fanta.]
  • Fan Art
    Beautiful fan-submitted illustrations [drawn in both traditional pencil and digital paint] by people who aren't Fanta. Primarily Inuyasha art (since this is kinda, like, an Inuyasha site) but there are also some arts featuring Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist and random voice actor art. Sectino made possibly entirely by our adoring public very talented and generous artists!
  • Manga Previews
    Preview ten scans from every volume of the Inuyasha manga. Scans are from VIZ's English adaption from volumes 1-18 and from Shounen Sunday's original version volumes 19-41. Whether you're curious as to see where Inuyasha is headed [past VIZ's translations] or want some images to create graphics out of, you've come to the right place.