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The seasonal fan fiction contest at Legend of Pickles has begun! Aspiring fanfic writers are welcome to flaunt their skills and compete for prizes! This season's topic is:

Write a oneshot that depicts an Inuyasha character/s after the series' completion. Pay special attention to how they've changed since their introdution into the series, and how their relationships with the other characters have changed. What caused the character to change? Who are they now closer with; who are they further apart from?

  • A oneshot is one chapter. Please limit yourself.
  • Fan fiction must be in English. Sorry!
  • Must be your own work.
  • Fan fiction can be a lemon (sex scenes), but try to avoid non-consensual sex (i.e. rape). And if you can't write lemon (or have never had sex) don't try to write it now.
  • Include in your fan fic the title, genre, rating (General to Restricted), and character you chose to write about

The use of proper grammar, adherance to topic, inventiveness, and correct characterization will greatly improve your chances of winning.


This is what everyone is really after anyway, is it not? Winner/s will recieve an award banner, a link to their website or fan fiction archive (if they have one) on every page of LoP, the option of hosting at Sled-Moose.Net, or an Mp3 of their choosing.

*Mp3 selection is limited to what Kalliel has in her posession. The Mp3s were shamelessly ripped taken from CDs that she owns, not downloaded from another website.

Winner will we chosen by...

Deadline for submissions: 2/24/06

Winners Selected by: 3/1/06


All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. If the contact form does not work, you can contact us at the following email adresses:

Kalliel at kalliel511 @ aol . com and Fanta at shep @ overthefalls . com.

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