• Awards for You
    Is your Inuyasha site worthy of prestige? You can work up the line and win bronze, silver and gold... or you can shoot for gold straightaway! Give it a shot and pray we like you.
  • Fan Fiction Contest
    The seasonal fan fiction contest at Legend of Pickles has begun! If you are an aspiring fan fiction author, flex your creative muscles see if you can dominate the winter contest!
  • Translation Contest
    The rules of the game are easy: Attempt to translate a collection super-secret messages into English! However, the messages may be in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, or silly things like l33t, 'bad English' or even... matrice code!
  • Inuyasha Trivia - Coming Soon!
    Answer every trivia question correctly and win a prize! Questions range in difficulty from brain-dead easy (who sealed Inuyasha to The Tree?) to some that require a bit of thought. (Given the nature of Kikyou's death, is she justified in seeking revenge on Inuyasha--even after she finds out it was not he who killed her?)